18.03.2023 UN & Brasil MOFA: “The 2018 Brasília Declaration of Judges on Water Justice” (Nairobi, Kenya)

Project Alpa Ost is thankful to for organizers of The “2018 Brasília Declaration of Judges on Water Justice”: The Role of Courts in the Implementation of SDG 6 and Other Water-related Goals and Targets Conference for a driven force of water enlightment discussion around a set of environmental issues. The United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil has attracted a brilliant and honorable conference buffet enjoyed globally by all the participants and listeners.

High Level Panel Speeches and Moments Highlights

Project Alpa Ost will continuously share the international diplomacy fellowship around the important global issues of communities and cultures. Our best practices will incorporate and be based on the principles of tolerance and adherence with respect to international and national laws and ethics facing the challenges for humanities, that are reflected on the variety of market dynamics, within all of our global outreach programs.

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