24.03 Anaesthesiology, Reanimatology & Intensive Care Young Doctors Presentations (Latvia)

The International Scientific Conference on Medicine is the largest section of the 81st Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia and will held on 24-25 March 2023. The annual event covered cover a variety of disciplines in clinical and research medicine, pharmacy, nursing and public health.

Project Aplpa Ost is grateful for the opportunity to attend the defense of experimental clinical research projects of young doctors, clinical residents guided by their teaching staff and professors of Medicine.

Young talents presented unique results of clinical research and original protocols that increase patients’ trust in modern methods of regional, general and combinatorial anesthesia during complex surgical operations. The presentations included

Anaesthesia-related patients satisfaction: a surveyPanova Viktorija, Zadorožnijs Sergejs, Miščuks Aleksejs, Golubovska Iveta
Comparsion of Fascia iliaca compartment block and standard multimodal analgesia in patients with hip fracture in emergency departmentTanaino Ruta, Sauka Justs , Miscuks Aleksejs, Golubovska Iveta
Plexus brachialis block in the axillary approach to forearm bone fractures using long and moderate – acting local anestheticsScurevska Jana, Zadoroznijs Sergejs, Miscuks Aleksejs, Golubovska Iveta
Adaptive pain mechanisms – small fiber responses in winter swimmers: results of a pilot studyKostiks Andrejs, Miscuks Aleksejs
Nociceptive stimulation monitoring during intravenous lidocaine infusion and regional anesthesiaApšeniece Krista, Miščuks Aleksejs, Rubīns Uldis, Golubovska Iveta, Repša Lauris
Evaluating the accuracy of patient state index for measuring anesthetic depth in patients undergoing propofol-sevoflurane anesthesiaZakalkins Antons, Kazūne Sigita

We will maintain relations with our clinical partner institutions in various regions of Europe and other parts of the world in the direction of creating joint programs and implementing state-of-the-art projects and progeams in the advanced areas of clinical, alternative, experimental and traditional oriental medicine.

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