Welcome to “1001 Keys of Entrepreneural Life Coaching” Program

For all who know or feel that they are created for greater life results and brighter than yesterday’s experience.

Project Alpa-Ost EU invites entrepreneurs and professionals from different countries of the world to a FREE associative program for the cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking. As a part of the formation of a business network for further partnership projects, we provide continuous training in the psychology of creative personality and leadership.

Together with the program, we offer new opportunities for new international projects and quality transformations in your environment, regardless of your current location.

The training format is interactive (online).
The duration of video coaching sessions is 15 minutes per day.
The duration of the question and answer session is 15 minutes per week or in the mode of random correspondence.

The bonus for all our listeners is the weekly “Grow, Achieve, Activate” newsletter.

Since the program is aimed at the personal development of listeners and is individual and possibly due to timezone factor, we may not be able to offer our weekly available time without exception to everyone till the next flexible schedule slot is freed-out. Therefore, the program will operate in the mode of primarily arranged business time. In the same way, we will regularly publish the results of our work online in motivational articles and reviews of our work.

The program could be interesting for everyone who plans to start their own business by completely changing their life, or making appropriate adjustments to it on a personal mindset level.

For application with please send your letter of request here.

We wish you more positive changes in your life, vivid sensations of new changes and fruitful results of the implementation of all your creative ideas.

Stay with us, grow with us!

With faith in your success!!!”

Petro Rybalchenko

Author and Coach of

“1001 Keys of Entrepreneural Life Coaching” Program



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