8.10.2023 (CEST 18:00) Panel Discussion: Time Management and Time for Yourself

Bit by bit, the ocean is formed, and life is formed minute by minute. If everything can be done on time, one day can be used for three days.Time is the fairest, no matter who you are, it treats you equally. Cherishing time means cherishing life, and it will give different rewards to everyone’s efforts.

Project Alpa-Ost EU (Germany) invites you to take part in our free online panel discussion, dedicated to modern challenges of personal time management in everyday life and effective methods of focusing your time resource on the result of positive changes.

You will be able to hear answers to your own questions in the format of trustful sharing of thoughts and life experiences, learn valuable lessons about monitoring life processes, that are dependent and independent of you.

This event will be very useful for those who are at the stage of setting life priorities in everyday life and those who feel a constant lack of time to be themselves or rather belong to themselves.

You can sign up for the discussion by simply writing us an email marked “Panel Discussion: Time Management and Time for Yourself”. Also, on the basis of our project, as a program, you can undergo specialized corporate training dedicated to this topic.

Everyone is welcome!



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