No More Stress Over Your Educated Career: Job Prospects for Business Major Graduates (Indonesian Case)

Where to go to work after studying business administration at a prestigious business school? This question is asked by many graduates of faculties, schools and courses from all over the world.

Of course, you will need some time to integrate the acquired knowledge into practice and establish your own enterprise. Therefore, after completing business training, I would personally suggest drawing up your own development project for an enterprise that you would be interested in working with.

The first step before starting work could be the choice of one of the most relevant vacancies on the labor market of your country, which will provide you with the most optimal way of development and growth in qualitative and quantitative results of business practice.

Let’s take Indonesia as an example.

Business administration is a branch of knowledge that is very necessary in today’s intense business competition. Maybe some of you don’t know what business administration is, here’s an explanation. Business administration or often called commercial administration is a special field of study that studies everything related to business and company operational activities.

These activities include marketing , financial management, personnel management (HR), to production. Apart from business operations, knowledge about how to create new products is also discussed in this department.

For example if you major in business administration in Indonesia, you will study subjects such as:

  • business finance
  • human Resources
  • business operations
  • Organizational theory and behavior
  • leadership management
  • entrepreneurship
  • marketing science
  • business planning
  • decision making theory

Job Prospects for Business Administration Majors

1. Administrative staff

One of the job prospects for a business administration graduate is as administrative staff for a company. Administrative staff positions within the company itself are very diverse, such as general administration staff, taxation, warehouse, and many more. There are several tasks carried out by administrative staff. The first task is filing or recapitulating data such as domicile letters, transaction proof letters, and company asset securities.

Apart from that, administrative staff are responsible for making official documents needed by the company such as domicile letters, contract extension letters, and purchase letters. Business administration graduates who work as administrative staff also carry out universal company scheduling, such as arranging meetings with several clients at once for time efficiency.

As administrative staff, the average salary you will get is in the range of IDR 4,000,000 to IDR 5,000,000 .

2. Management trainee

If you are a business administration graduate and want to occupy a manager position in a company, you can apply for the management trainee program which is usually held by large companies . In this program, you as a business administration graduate will not only work according to the knowledge you have.

You will be encouraged to study the entire company before being positioned in a particular part of management. Based on research, the average salary a management trainee  earns is IDR 5,500,000 to IDR 7,500,000 .

3. Human resources staff or HRD

Another position in companies that is usually occupied by business administration graduates is human resources or HRD staff.

Human resources staff or what is usually called human resource development (HRD) is the part of the company that is responsible for human resources from preparation for recruiting new employees to employment contracts. Apart from that, HRD functions to map and filter human resources within the company.

If you are a business administration graduate and are interested in working in HRD, you must be able to master competencies such as teamwork , communication, building relationships with other people, and being able to develop other people. As an HRD staff member, the average salary earned is in the range of IDR 4,000,000 – IDR 5,000,000 . 

4. Marketing staff

One of the subjects studied in the business administration department is marketing policy and strategy . Therefore, a business administration graduate is very likely to work as marketing staff in a company.

In the midst of the current internet marketing trend, competition for public attention to the products being sold is increasingly fierce. Therefore, creativity is needed to find the right formula to increase brand awareness in the eyes of the public.

The average salary earned for  marketing  staff is IDR 5,000,000 – IDR 7,000,000 .

5. Entrepreneur

A business administration graduate is not only able to work in a company, but also build his own business. The various knowledge learned in college, such as human resources, communication, management, employment, accounting and marketing, have the potential to be fully applied in building and managing your own business.

As an entrepreneur, you must have creativity in creating business ideas that can compete with other businesses. Apart from that, you must have high persistence because building a business will definitely have many obstacles and obstacles.

6. Business consultant

With various knowledge mastered in the business field, a business administration graduate can also become a business consultant. A consultant is someone who is trusted to provide advice on various aspects of business within a client company, but is not given the authority to carry out implementation and policies.

Consultants themselves are divided into two categories, namely internal consultants and external consultants. The difference lies in where the consultant works, whether within the company requesting the consultation or a separate consulting firm or agency.

As a business consultant, the average salary you earn is IDR 6,000,000 – IDR 9,000,000 .

7. Lecturer

If you graduated from a business administration major, but still want to continue learning and love this science, maybe a lecturer is the right profession for you. To become a lecturer, you must have sufficient skills and knowledge.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for universities to require their lecturers to have a master’s or doctoral education. Apart from teaching students in class, lecturers must also carry out research to develop the knowledge they are involved in. This research usually results in a scientific paper which is published in a national or international journal.

From research, lecturers have an average salary of IDR 3,000,000 – IDR 5,000,000 .

8. Financial Analyst

According to Colorado Technical University , you can also pursue a career as a financial analyst after completing studies in this major. As a financial analyst, you will extract data regarding company earnings reports, build financial models, and make financial recommendations.

A financial analyst will also have an understanding of a particular business sector or industry and provide opinions regarding the financial policies that the company should take. Financial analysts are usually divided into two categories,  buy-side analysts  and  sell-side analysts .

A  buy-side analyst  usually works for companies that manage pension money and mutual fund companies, and conducts research to provide recommendations to management.

Meanwhile,  sell-side analysts  usually work for stock brokerage companies and recommend someone to sell or buy a stock.

The average salary for a financial analyst is IDR 8,000,000 – IDR 10,000,000 .

9. Market research analyst

Business administration graduates can also become  market research analysts . A  market research analyst  helps companies understand who their market and audience are, what products they should sell, and how to promote their products.

They also create surveys to understand the targets they are researching, and train interviewers how to conduct interviews for survey purposes. After that they will analyze the results of the research and report them to management.

A professional market research analyst  has an average salary of IDR 8,000,000 – IDR 15,000,000 .

10. Accountant

According to the Otto Beisheim School of Management , business administration graduates can also work in the accounting field. Even though you have to take some training first, you can benefit from the knowledge learned during your studies.

You can create a system of company performance indicators such as return of sales, return of investment,  productivity and company liquidity and calculate them. Apart from that, you can also analyze weak points in a business and provide recommendations to improve them.

An accountant has an average salary of IDR 4,500,000 – IDR 5,500,000 . 

11. Procurement officer

Florida National University says that another job prospect for business administration majors is a procurement officer  or often referred to as a  purchasing officer .

As a  procurement officer , you are responsible for obtaining products or services that are important for the company’s operational activities. So, analytical, organizational, persuasion and negotiation skills are very necessary for this position.

As a  procurement officer  , you also have to set standards and timings  for the goods the company needs. In addition, you look for and compare supplier reputations , what they offer, quality and price.

You should also prepare goods purchase contracts and monitor the effectiveness of the following for the company:

  • purchased products
  • delivery of goods
  • relationships with suppliers

From research,  procurement officers  have an average salary of IDR 5,500,000 – IDR 6,500,000 .

12. Auditor

You can also choose an auditor as a career choice after graduating from a business administration major. As an auditor, you are responsible for examining all company income, financial and investment data. You also have the authority to review and verify the accuracy of the company’s financial records. Not only that, you can also confirm whether the company has complied with applicable tax laws.

If you are interested in becoming an auditor, some of  the skills  you need to have include:

  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • counting or arithmetic
  • accuracy in making reports
  • strong curiosity

From research, an auditor has an average salary of IDR 5,000,000 – IDR 8,000,000 .

13. Event planner

Still citing Colorado Technical University , you can also work as an event planner  as a graduate majoring in business administration.

An  event planner  has the responsibility to plan and coordinate all aspects of the event that will be held.

The event planner  will also meet with the client to understand the purpose of the event, along with location, transportation, and other details.

As an  event planner , you need to have  good communication and  problem solving  skills .

Apart from that, you also have to be able to  multitask , have sensitivity and attention to detail.

The average salary for an  event planner  is in the range of IDR 5,000,000 – IDR 6,500,000.


14. Sales manager

Husson University explains that graduates majoring in business administration can have a career as  a sales manager .

In this position, you will supervise the  company’s sales  team and be responsible for bringing in  revenue  for the company.

Other responsibilities of this position include:

  • Determine  sales goals 
  • analyze sales data
  • create training programs for sales representatives

Not only that,  the sales manager  will also be asked to make sales projections and assess the level of profit from the company’s products or services.

The salary of a  sales manager  is in the range of IDR 8,000,000 – IDR 10,000,000 . 

15. Loan officer

The loan officer profession can be another job prospect for business administration graduates.

Loan officers  will evaluate, authorize, or recommend loan requests for individuals or companies.

Not only that,  loan officers  will also obtain, verify and analyze financial information from borrowers such as credit scores  and income levels.

The loan officer will also review the  loan agreement to ensure that it complies with applicable regulations.

As a  loan officer , some  skills  that need to be mastered include:

  • decision making
  • detailed
  • analytical thinking

A  loan officer  in Indonesia has an average salary of IDR 4,500,000 – IDR 5,500,000 . 

These are 15 alternative job prospects for business administration graduates.

If you would like to build up your business intelligence through any of these or other careers that you keep in mind, welcome to growth and training and coaching with Project Alpa-Ost EU. We will equip you well fit for the market and painless incorporation of your best knowledge and practice through systematic training, market growth coaching and consultancy on regional markets. Please contact us today to describe your challenge of career choice. You can also book a free consultation alive conference with us. We will help you to make an individual growth plan with options and equip you with a sound training on the path. The puzzle that you miss might be HERE.



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