Are you overwhelmed by daily conference work with business partners?

Do you often have to conduct telebridges at the level of the top management of enterprises?

Would you like not only to see in real time how your product is produced on production lines in China, but also to receive technical advice from an engineer or workshop manager directly on the spot?

Are you on a business visit in another country and your team is not near you?

In this case, abonent corporate conference translation is exactly what you need in your business operations support menu.

What is included in the service?

– Сonsecutive conference translation with support in real international time mode (possibility to adjust the work schedule taking into account the time difference 24/7, even on weekends and holidays) – packages of 5, 10 and 15 hours per week.

– Сommunicative protection of the interests of the customer’s project before Chinese partners.

– Operational flexibility against the background of disruption of plans and shifts in meeting schedules.

Advantages of this service plan

– 20% cheaper than one-time hourly orders;

– You don’t need to constantly change your interpreter and you can cooperate long-term;

– An opportunity to build a narrow-profile specialization against the background of a deepening of the universal approach (for example, this support is often lacking for technical department specialists, doctors, lawyers and employees of the banking sector);

– Convenience in making calculations only once a month.

– Saving costs for interpreter’s business trips to the place of the serious problem.

Service provision procedure

– You send a written email request for consultations with the intention of using the service.

– Within two working days, we hold a conference consultation with you regarding the terms of cooperation, agree on technical points and choose one of the three proposed subscription service tariffs.

– We sign the service contract. and paying off the monthly invoice (from the calculation of payment exclusively for reserved service time with a 24-hour flexibility factor).

-Provision of the service at the request of the Customer within the established and purchased service time, regardless of the load on the provision of the service and including the possible changes in the schedule of the project manager (overtime service is calculated at the rate of the usual hourly service, i.e. +20%).

-Your financial department pays off the monthly invoice (from the calculation of payment exclusively for reserved service time with a 24-hour flexibility factor).

Please feel free to ask more questions on the topic to help you optimize service interaction with your interpreter. We can also consult and train young corporate interpreters at your entreprise among your delegated colleagues at the same rate of standard abonent service time.



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