Do you have too much communication flow and work document flow at your enterprise, working with PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore?

And at the same time, every time are you forced to look for or call a qualified translator to the base of your company?

Perhaps your company is not yet ready to work with a full-time translator in the team?

Today, these issues can be removed from the agenda. After all, you, as the head of the enterprise or the involved department or structural unit, have the opportunity to work in abonental mode, without worrying at all that for some reasons, your documentation, correspondence and presentations will not undergo appropriate translation processing. In addition, you now have the opportunity to grow in joint development with your own translation partner, being confident in the accurate, adequate, reliable and confidential rendering of your business, commercial and technical information.

How does it work?

Your company sends a request about the possibility of subscriber service, which will be processed within 2 working days. After that, we will hold a conversation with you in telephone or conference mode at a convenient time for a more in-depth study of the scope of your tasks and discussion of the structure of cooperation.

Within 1 week, an official commercial offer and a sketch of a partnership contract will be sent to your e-mail address for discussion and official confirmation of long-term relations. After the bilateral signing of the document, we can start working with you directly in remote mode, and you pay not for the time spent on translation, but only for the total volume of processed information at a market-friendly abonental rate at the beginning of the next month, making calculations for the previous month with your financial department or accounting officer. For each of the orders, it is possible to hold operational meetings and work consultations with a delegated employee or the responsible manager of your enterprise, after which the result will be sent to you by e-mail or, if necessary, by regular mail or courier delivery if the communications require the appropriate signature of the translator.

Welcome to fruitful cooperation and development of trade and business relations with all your partners within the scope of Project Alpa Ost service competence in the market of international translation services of European providers and operators.



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