Does your marketing department constantly produce audio and video products for the needs of the enterprise?

Are you constantly worried about the issue of entering the market of original advertising videos in high-quality translated dubbing in Chinese or Ukrainian with subtitles?

Today, we have the opportunity to organize high-quality technical interaction with your advertising department and the involved technical specialists, so that your offer finally sounds in the native language preferred by the listeners, which creates a positive image of the product or service in the eyes of the mass consumer on the market.

After your electronic request or an interactive call, we will be able to agree with you the terms of parallel service of your media production line on the terms of abonental support for your media project, providing your team with high-quality sound and selection of subtitles for your corporate video compilations in the global or regional video pools you need.

The payment for the abonental service is made once a month, calculated according to the volume of the average service load for the translator at the customer’s choice – 5, 10, 15 hours per week. 1 time project service is also possible (but normally would be at 20% higher rate than the regular abonental service).

I wish you a harmonious rapprochement of your products with the consumer in all the demand markets of your commercial regional interest.



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