The Path of a Dragon Year!

The New Year of 2024 has finally arrived. We would all like to know with anticipation what this year of the Dragon promises us. On Behalf of Project Alpa-Ost EU, the directions of our development will be especially related to the development of trade, business and cultural relations with China. The journey we will undertake […]

How we can talk to each other

Dear friends, Lately I have been receiving more requests from you for personal conference time with you to meet in person and discuss something interesing together. Yes is always quite interesting to read somethig useful but now it is easily exciting to have an alive and bulding, refreshing conversation! All you will need is just […]

Personal growth coaching (for individuals and minigroups)

Our personal growth coaching for corporate clients are made to order. Topics, duration, format of the event are selected individually. Send us a request, we will send you a detailed program and cost. If you are looking for training for yourself as an individual, then individual work with a coach is the best fit for you. This is […]

Welcome to “1001 Keys of Entrepreneural Life Coaching” Program

For all who know or feel that they are created for greater life results and brighter than yesterday’s experience. Project Alpa-Ost EU invites entrepreneurs and professionals from different countries of the world to a FREE associative program for the cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking. As a part of the formation of a business network for further […]



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