In order to strengthen and consolidate the practical administrative skills of managers, heads of departments and executive top management, the Alpa-Ost EU Project (Germany) offers enterprises the following areas of cooperation:

This program is ideal for enterprises that plan to qualitatively and uniformly optimize the administrative process and qualitatively prepare their administrative staff to perform assigned tasks, taking into account external factors and current regional specifics of the global economic environment.

We integrate high-quality forms of your company’s strategic and operational management, taking into account your experience and the individual characteristics and circumstances of each of your employees, who may need synchronous training support on the way to accomplishing the task, that is set by the TOP executive management. We provide our listeners with all the necessary tools and technologies in a practical context only.

This program is designed for new projects inside of companies that aim to be structured as a separate legal entity in another country, especially in such complex and remote regions as the countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania.

We will prepare your staff with high quality for the positions of General Managers, Executive Directors and Heads of the Representative Office in the conditions of a foreign business accreditation, help with the adaptation of the company in another of the first calendar administrative year, and also help maintain operational feedback with the parent company of your head office.

We advise our clients on a wide range of specialized issues related to the state, trends and prospects of regional markets in various countries of the Indo-Pacific Region. At the request of our partners, we provide information on the volume, saturation, conjuncture, production, service and consumer capacities of the markets. We also conduct a thorough analysis of competing segments and interpret information from open sources regarding the activity of enterprises and projects of interest to the client in the countries of the East. We also build partner networks and recommend reliable cross-regional partners for our clients in countries such as China, India, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. (more than 30 countries in the region). We also hold presentations, lectures and seminars for clients from Europe and North America on business prospects in these markets, reporting on the latest results of our research.

For a more detailed consultation, write us a letter with the chosen type of program in the subject. We will send you additional materials and schedule an online meeting to discuss the terms and conditions and present the program.



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