Emotional Intelligence Management and Communication

Successful people are the masters of their emotions.   This course will open up the two channels of emotional intelligence management and communication, teach you how to understand your own emotions and improve your emotional intelligence management capabilities, teach you methods and strategies for effective communication, and help you achieve happiness and excellence in an […]

Business Communication

Adopting effective company communications is one of the easiest ways to boost revenue and morale. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems.Business communications are changing due to today’s technological developments.  While it’s not as formal as it once was, maintaining a professional tone is still crucial to projecting the right image for your company. It is also about […]

Organization of Marketing Role (for Entrepreneurs and Companies)

The course introduces to corporate listeners who are interested in the topic of marketing organization in international companies, the rudiments of organizing marketing activities raising projects in modern conditions at the strategic level. The course is designed to effectively help build marketing activities at enterprises from scratch and orient the role of full-time market development […]

Introduction to Business Administration (Free Demo 1 Week)

This course is designed for those who strive for qualitative changes not only in their professional life, but also fruitful transformations in the environment of their daily activities. The key concept of this cycle of lectures, practical tasks and cases is management, which permeates all areas of our lives. What should my management be? How […]



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