Building Business Development Strategy for Chinese Market

Cultivating business elites is to protect the future of the country. Times create heroes, and managers with business ideals in mind, if they can grasp the opportunity with insight into the trend, have the courage to construct forward thinking, integrate resources to promote management reform, they will eventually become management elites and the backbone of […]

Fundamentals of Simultaneous Interpretation (course for professionals and multilingual speakers) 2 FREE Demo Sessions

Simultaneous interpretation is known as the jewel in the crown of interpretation. From important summits that determine the fate of mankind, to fierce trade negotiations, to academic forums where famous experts gather, simultaneous interpreters are active. They are the link of communication between different languages ​​and the bridge of cross-cultural communication. Do you want to be one of […]

Introduction to Oriental Linguistics: That`s why we speak to the East (Free Demo 1 Week)

The problem of dialogue between cultures, even in the modern global context, partly goes beyond the boundaries of civilizational circles, prompting dialogue actors to use the most difficult and rarest languages of the world in the Western Hemisphere during everyday communication and negotiations. We are used to the methodical paradigms when learning foreign languages. All […]



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