Business Strategy

This course will give you trading layout and the ability to amplify business value in the long term. In addition to changes in work content, roles will also begin to change. The internal part, which originally only took care of internal affairs of the department, will begin to come into contact with the core of […]

Practice Leadership and Global Team Building

The manager’s vision, thinking model and leadership art determine the height that the organization can achieve at each stage of development. Only with a far-sighted strategic vision and the ability to strategize can you lead your team to move forward steadily. The course is designed for senior managers who need to improve team execution efficiency. The teaching content […]

Strategies for the art of selling everything in China (special course for managers)

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to sell something not only to the Chinese but also in China itself is the lack of understanding of the marketing culture of the Chinese themselves. Knowledge of consumer habits alone is not enough to achieve high turnover in a company working with China. After all, […]

Event Planning and Organization (2 weekly demo sessions for FREE)

Working with clients often requires innovative approaches to event planning from company leaders and business owners. As a rule, managers entrust this work to their subordinate managers, who try to implement these ideas creatively and using modern technologies. However, this process of preparing public events, activities and conferences requires, in addition to everything, a thorough […]

On the way to Africa and Asia. What do you need to remember when going for an exotic experience in the East?

Many books have been written about the contacts of the West with distant civilizations, travel diaries have been published, films and blog podcasts have been made. Almost every country in the West has a lot of migrants – wonderful people from these countries who can tell you a lot about how their world and life […]

Realization of personal development and cultural outlook in the global environment

Throughout life, a conscious person asks questions about the vectors of his personal development, which are closely related to his social self-realization. With the development of the achievements of various civilizations and cultures, modern technological capabilities and the integration of the environment in the ether-saturated information space, a person is faced with the choice of […]

? Sweet Ways of Vitality in the Rivers of Life ?

Many years of work with women on programs to overcome the causes and consequences of physiological, social and psychological infertility on the way to happiness and joy in motherhood opened new horizons for the author of the course to promote harmonization and improve the well-being of women in ecosystems. Daily letters from all corners of […]



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