? Sweet Ways of Vitality in the Rivers of Life ?


Many years of work with women on programs to overcome the causes and consequences of physiological, social and psychological infertility on the way to happiness and joy in motherhood opened new horizons for the author of the course to promote harmonization and improve the well-being of women in ecosystems.

Daily letters from all corners of the planet and conversations on the topic of overcoming crisis moments in life, numerous conversations with representatives of different cultures, coupled with work with reproductive specialists and gynecologists showed a lot in the direction of personality development in modern conditions. And first of all, support is important here with the introduction to new horizons in the natural cycle.

This course is designed not only for those who do not yet have children, but also for those who have one or many, and even those who, due to age restrictions, see their children in flowers in the garden. We will talk about life in different dimensions, find ways to solve and get out of the most difficult life situations by listening to the voice of Mother Nature.

The program is affiliated with the “Butterflies of Happiness” International Female Reproductive Coaching ( Center and doctors from the associations of reproductive specialists of Ukraine (UARM) and Europe (ESHRE).

The females of all ages and backgrounds as well as life views are very welcomely invited.


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  • 12 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • 12h Duration
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12 Lessons1 Quiz
  1. A woman's life balance and cheerfulness
  2. Women's health and fertility
  3. Supportintg female homeostasis in the living world
  4. The influence of love on a woman's health and self-realization
  5. From nutrients to indescribably beautiful hairstyles
  6. How to get rid of the feeling of loneliness and uselessness in life
  7. Stop aging when you just need to rest
  8. Doing something for yourself and your health is your daily manicure and a small rug - "YES!"
  9. Souls tea with a coach
  10. Souls milk with a doctor
  11. I am new and free from now
  12. How wonderful, I am pregnant, I live now!
  13. Private quiz for female heart

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