We offer the following 8-week courses in regional marketing administration for international enterprises and corporate clients in Thuringia:

-Marketing culture of the countries of East and South-East Asia

-Asian schools of sales: between traditional Eastern and global Western approaches

-Strategic regional marketing: markets of Asia, Africa and Oceania

-Chinese school of internal and external marketing

-Culture and practice of concluding agreements for the sale of goods and services at Asian enterprises

-CRM models of India, Singapore and Japan

-Charisma of African sales, experience of Eastern societies

-Australian school of Public Relations Management in trade projects

The training of international listeners takes place online in real time, the training of corporate listeners from Thuringia takes place on the basis of enterprises and in the conference halls of enterprises. For a further request for one of the proposed programs or a specialized narrow-profile training in regional marketing and sales, please send us a written request with your intentions and all your questions regarding the training, we will be happy to answer them and provide you with the necessary materials and proposals as soon as possible after the request.



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