We invite employers, heads of departments and qualified professionals from various industries to our courses on international personnel management and project team management. Our programs are oriented towards an international multicultural environment, so we are happy to work with listeners from any country.

-Personnel management in international organizations;
-International trends in personnel management;
-Human resource management in transnational corporations;
-Multicultural staff management;
-Motivation, mediation, training and mentoring of employees in an international company;
-Corporate training center and formation of competent personnel;
-Modern technologies for managing international personnel;
-Recruitment for long-term contract vacancies: what you need to know;
-Managing your own career growth in large corporations;
-How to transform your team into a full-fledged staff: technologies and practices of HRM convertation and corporate transition

To inquire about the training program for the course you are interested in, please send us a letter with your questions or call our hotline. You can also leave a message on WhatsApp. Upon completion of the courses, our students receive a certificate of successful completion of training in English and their native language.



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