Last year in India, I once went to visit the oldest daughter of an elderly Nepalese woman to meet and try their traditional home-made dishes. When we talked about the history of their family’s road to the charming Bharat, I wanted to treat the Western world with these dishes when I returned home. Fragrant dishes in the house of this family were really worth opening a restaurant in at least one of the European countries. But what do we know about the Nepalese spirit and their values? Often, almost nothing except the peculiarities of geography, something interesting about the Dalai Lama and difficult and adventurous trips to that magical country. Let’s try to understand together the realities of Nepal.

Himawatkhand was the birthplace and work ground of many sages who were the promoters of human civilization. Brahmaputra in the east, Hindukus in the west, Kailas Mansarovar in the north and the Ganga river in the south is Himawatkhand. Rishi Kasyapa in Saptagandaki, Rishi Pulastya, Rishi Kaushik (Vishwamitra) on the banks of Kosi, Ved Vyas in Gorkha, Yajnavalkya in the kingdom of philosopher king Janaka, Gargi Maitreyi, Rishi Valmiki in Gandak, Rishi named ‘Ne’ Muni on the banks of Bagmati and Rishi Akuni of Saptarishi mentioned in Rigveda and Kiratis gained fame.

Because the knowledge of Vedas, Shruti, Smriti and Yoga has enriched this region, Himawatkhand Nepal has been considered as the origin of human civilization and the birthplace of world civilization in the world. It is mentioned in verse 16 of chapter 71 of the book Himavatkhanda, ‘Kashyapa, Daksha Prajapati’ also performed penance here. Markandeya, Aswathama, Vali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Kripa, Prashuram and Vibhushan are believed to become immortal by doing this penance. 

The the epic ‘Kirantarjuniyam’ is also considered as a source in the development of civilization here. It is mentioned in the Mahabharata that Arjuna acquired the special knowledge of archery in the Kirant region called ‘Nepal Vishya Rajan’.

Himawatkhand ‘Nepal’ is a pure land. It is mentioned in the 69th chapter of Skandapurana. Aryasrestha Ne-Muni was a great ascetic. Saptarishis used to do penance in the arms of the Himalayas. Vedic-Hindu Shastra and philosophy were able to become universal because they played a strong role in making the Vedic Hindu Sanatan religion and culture universal in Himavatkhand with the principle of ‘Krinvanto Vishwamariyam’ of Rishi Maharshi to make the world civilized. On this land, Nemuni’ followed the Pashupati region with constant devotion.’

Although this holy land is small, it is considered as a small world. The structure of the dominion of Nepal is such that just as there are differences in the habitations of different tribes in the Himalayan region, hilly and terai region, the soil condition from east to west of Nepal is such that there are many types of climate here, so different types of food products are produced. The climate here is such that one can work for 12 months.

As much as many countries of the world produce, it is produced in this area. Many rivers and hundreds of streams and waterfalls make this land a gift of nature. For Nepal is the country of water. If Nepal’s water can be properly utilized for irrigation and electricity production, Nepal can be a storehouse of food grains. By producing more than 80 million kilowatts of electricity from Nepal’s water, neighboring countries can also be made prosperous. Abundant with forests, many animals, more than 800 species of birds and rare herbs are found in Nepal. Nature has supported Nepal in every way. Many foreign tourists say, ‘This place is the most beautiful place in the world.’

The original identity and national identity of Nepalis have been established all over the world with the love of Nepali immigrants in every corner of the world.

Even though Nepal is a small country, it is inhabited by various castes. Nepal’s nationalism is not complete by ignoring and forgetting any one caste here. Here, nationalism is based on the different cultural respect of different castes. In Nepal, Nepali culture has been created from the combination of Hindu, Vedic and Buddhist.

Nepalese are excellent in terms of tolerance, civilization and culture. They are rich in culture. The identity of Nepal, which has been able to be integrated into a common Nepalese nation, has blossomed, due to which the aroma of Nepali culture has spread all over the world. Nepali language has been established as a medium of communication between different language speakers. Although Nepal has become a global Hindu kingdom, Nepal is more liberal than the secular nations of the world in religious matters. In this country, Muslims, Christians and other religions are also free to do their religious activities. However, some Nepalis are determined to fulfill their own interests by bargaining the nationality.

Nepal is a landlocked country located between China and India. However, Nepal has to maintain its existence by avoiding the grip of these two big countries. The nationality of Nepal is the totality of its culture, originality, resources and geography. 

Between Nepal and India, people respect each other with the dignity of Hindu temples and many Dhams. Nepal was never surrendered. Kailash Mansarovar, located in Tibet, is a revered shrine of Hindus in the world. China has been appreciating the footprints of Bhrikuti and Araniko of Nepal in China and the sovereign independence of Nepal and the Nepali people as the country of origin of Buddhism. In the same way, India respects the self-respect of Nepali people. Nepal is proud that during India’s religious crisis, Nepal has also been the shelter of Hindus. For Hindus in India, the attraction of the Himalayas is the vision of Pashupatinath and Matsyendranath. Nepal knows that every Hindu in the world is happy to see Nepal as an independent sovereign Hindu kingdom.

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