The small German city of Eisenach is located on the outskirts of the Thuringian Forest and is surrounded on one side by majestic mountain peaks, and on the other by a picturesque plateau. Here the traveler is waiting for beautiful views, ancient architecture and unique sights.

The history of the city began in 1067, when Ludwig the Jumper built Wartburg Castle in these places, which today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is especially popular with tourists. A long time ago, the famous church reformer Martin Luther, under the pseudonym Juncker Jörg, took refuge in the walls of the fortress and translated the New Testament from Greek into German, which opened access to sacred texts to ordinary people. The magnificent Romanesque fortress is open to the public.

An important part of the Eisenach economy is the automotive industry:

The city is especially interesting for one of its factories – a BMW car is made here. The first car rolled off the assembly line in 1929, quickly becoming famous all over the world.

Opel , as one of General Motors’ overseas businesses , built a brand new plant in the northwest of the city after the Wartburg automobile plant ceased production in 1989. The plant opened in 1992. In May 1998 , the President visited it US Bill Clinton , accompanied by Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl .

The great composer Johann Sebastian Bach was also born and raised in Eisenach. You can visit his house-museum, which presents a detailed exposition dedicated to the creative path of the musician and his personal life. The excursion program also includes a 20-minute concert where you can hear how ancient instruments sound.

In addition, in the city you can see the narrowest house in Germany (a little more than 2 meters wide!), St. George’s Church, where St. Elizabeth and Landgrave Ludwig were married, the gate and St. Nicholas Church – perfectly preserved buildings of the 12th century. and much more.

Despite the fact that Eisenach is a small city, there are many interesting and significant sights in it. You can go explore them on your own or visit the city during a bus tour of the country – in this case, you will definitely not miss interesting places!



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