Today we will talk about the special agricultural plant of the Middle East in the fields of Kurdistan, which has recently been very attractive to investors from different countries. With the growth of the food crisis in the world, there is a great interest in original and at the same time simple agricultural technologies, the development of which can significantly improve well-being not only in the East, but also provide the global restaurant industry with delicious and healthy dishes.

Qarexerman is one of the Kurdish foods that is produced by farmers in most parts of Kurdistan. It is also used for cooking in different ways. Because of its importance and taste, there is a lot of demand from the citizens and the markets of the Kurdistan Region are filled with Sharezur sweets.

Qarexerman is one of the Kurdish dishes that is especially enjoyed in homes and restaurants. Also, it is used in different ways and it is used for different purposes. In addition to domestically produced products, tens of thousands of tons of this product come to the Kurdistan Region from Iran and Turkey every year.

The farmers of Qalîco village are engaged in harvesting wheat to make cars. From the beginning of May to the end of the month, construction of the grain castles begins in Sharezur. The farmers of Sharezur also speak about the construction of the castles.

There is a black rose wheat called Musili wheat, that wheat was used for cooking and many other foods. But the current grain has no taste. Qarexerman is delicious when wheat is green, it comes out very nice and tasty. The grain that they make into a cake should not be yellow. When the fire is lit and the taste of the smoke comes out, it is very tasty and delicious.”

One day, they were harvesting their wheat from the plain with sickles. Then wherever you are, one day you put it on the concrete. It shouldn’t be too hard, because “when it goes into the fire, the grain will burn and the corn will be formed”.

This is the time of harvest for the farmers. Maxib Aras wheat and black rose wheat are very suitable cultures for farmers. All the grain is useful, but not the grain.  Depending on the location and greenness of the wheat, its harvest time is changed. The wheat should not be dry, the wheat should be green to be used for making cakes.

Project Alpa Ost EU invites global importers to cooperate in the development of the latest trade lines of agricultural products and food technologies from the Middle East. First of all, we will be glad to introduce the European gourmet consumer to the peculiarities of natural and high-calorie, nutritious cuisine of various peoples and cultures in the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, the Persian Gulf and North-West Africa. We daily accept your applications and inquiries for the opening or marketing development of new areas and the establishment of food supply channels directly from producers and farmers.

Welcome to the world of the hitherto unknown Kurdistan vector of cooperation to the world of the hitherto unknown Kurdistan vector of cooperation!



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