What is Project Alpa Ost EU?

Project Alpa Ost EU is a Germany based Ukraine cooperation and partnership international project that acts as a mediator, communicator and cultivator between markets and regions of its specialization promoting the turnover of represented goods and services in the variety of fields.

What are your main services and products?

Our services are classified in acccordance with the following principle of application:


  • Translation and Interpretation Services
  • Corporate training and applied business education
  • Personal Development and International Business Coaching
  • Corporate Field Consulting
  • Business Tourism in Germany 
  • Marketing solutions for businesses in the fields
  • Medical programs cooperation 
  • Non-commercial expert partnership in international economic relations

What clients are you mainly focused on?

We are primarily concentrated on the corporate clients from the countries of Alpine Region and Central Europe, which partially explains why our project is called Alpa Ost, that is Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Slovenia & Monaco.

What regional cooperation direction do you specialize on?

We operate in the zone of developping cooperation and building partners with the countries Asia, Africa and the states of Oceania (Indo- and Asia-Pacific). Here positioning, negotiation, promotion and market representation is included oriented on the development of distribution and dillership channels for the products of our clients.

Where and how can I read the additional and more detailed information in any interesting or related field?

Please make a written inquiry to our mail at weimar@alpa-ost.eu to ask specific questions, catalogs or price-lists and services description. You can also make an interactive inquiry using the What`s App window to communicate directly with the founder.



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