We offer practical language training for in the following areas:

– organization and planning of independent study of foreign languages (oriental linguistics);

– actualization and technologies of practical application of language skills;

– learning a foreign language in the natural environment and beyond;

– realization of personality through modern language competences in a global context;

– bilingualism and worldview, current issues and solutions to communication problems in international marriages;

– implementation of language competences and new opportunities in countries with a large number of migrants;

– general practical course on linguistics and language study traditions of the East;

– practical courses in Chinese, Persian and Hindi;

– work with ancient texts of the ancient Chinese language and Sanskrit, interpretation and application of the basis in the modern Life Management context;

– stylization of business speech when learning a foreign language.

– preparation for integration language courses in host countries.

– Sino-Tibetan, Indo-Aryan and Iranian linguistics (Corpus Linguorum for those who acquire or improve language skills).

– technologies and methods of translation in modern everyday and business life.

– construction of effective author’s methods of teaching and linguistic training (for teachers of foreign or native language for foreigners).

Regardless of what place in your life the need to communicate in a foreign language occupies, we will help you make this path as effective, practical and interesting as possible in the context of building and strengthening ties with distant and unfamiliar cultures. Welcome to contact us today



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