Only Mongolians can develop Mongolian traditional medicine in Mongolia. Mongolian traditional medicine has been developed by the mind of the Mongolian people and the natural wisdom of the Mongolian people. It will continue to develop in the future…

Today we will touch the subject of existing the opportunities and possibilities for the development of Mongolian traditional medicine. What are the benefits of developing traditional medicine?

Once upon a time, the Mongols gathered their men, rode their horses and occupied half of the world. Now, how can you occupy half of the world in the 21st century? Noone ever will get that chance anymore. But just like at that time, there is an opportunity to conquer the world in the field of medicine, including in the field of traditional medicine. To explain why, let’s present the research on the potential of Mongolian traditional medicine in the global market.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the main observer body of the United Nations, has 35 member countries. These countries account for 18 percent of the world’s population. And the average annual budget of these 35 countries is 377 million euros. In other words, they are the countries with the highest income and the highest human development index in the world market. So why don’t we take it from 374 million euros. There is an opportunity. Because there is no such thing as traditional Mongolian cooking in these countries.

For example, in Belgium, one of these 35 countries, 31 percent of the population wants to receive traditional medical care. And in Canada, 70 percent of the population wants to receive traditional medical care. However, there is no concept of traditional medicine, especially Mongolian traditional medicine. We need to see this opportunity. By 2005, the total sales of traditional natural medicinal products in the world was 65 billion dollars. Assuming an average annual growth of 15 percent, it will reach 5 trillion dollars by 2050. If we have the right policy and can implement it correctly, by 2050 we will earn 50 billion US dollars just by taking one percent of the global medical market.

The Nobel Prize that will immortalize Mongolia in the world is near

Such a possibility is Mongolian traditional medicine doctors, medicine and treatment technology. The 21st century is the century of chronic diseases. 80 percent of all patients worldwide are diagnosed with a chronic disease. However, Mongolian traditional medicine has 1002 recipes for treating chronic diseases. In short, we have 1,002 brands of treatments for people with chronic conditions.

Between 1901 and 2023, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded many times. But the amazing thing is that all these discoveries are more or less recorded in ancient traditional medicine scriptures. The four foundations of medicine include Nobel discoveries to date, future Nobel discoveries, and new ideas. There is a chance that the next Nobel laureate will be born among Mongolian traditional medicine doctors. Nobel is very close. 

In 2015, a scientist who developed a drug against malaria won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. As the main raw material of the medicine, we have studied the saffron that we use every day. However, this recipe is recorded in the scriptures of the Hun nomadic period.  

In one of the Tibetan “Four Foundations of Medicine” written at the end of the sixteenth century, the period of human development in the mother’s womb is called the formation of the body, and the reasons for the formation of the body, the conditions of puberty, and the signs of childbirth are carefully noted. In doing so, the sex of the fetus is not determined within 14 days, and the method for changing the sex of the fetus is written. If only this method is researched and brought out, the world’s rich people who want to have a male child will come to Mongolia. As a result, three million citizens can be fed with traditional medicine instead of mining.

 The next discovery can be made by the construction of the miraculous seven veins. There is a way to reverse the fire and water inside the vessel. There is a method in Mongolian traditional medicine where the child’s veins are caught while the mother is sick at home and the mother’s illness is diagnosed. This is a diagnostic method that will make new discoveries in the field of global medicine. There is a great wisdom in the heritage of our ancestors that can diagnose the illness of a mother living in Mongolia by touching the vein of a child studying in the United States. A whole brand can be built with it.

There are 38 diagnostic brands of vasectomy and urinalysis in Mongolian traditional medicine. 98 methods or brands of curing diseases. There are about 5,000 prescriptions and 5,000 traditional medicine human resources. This is an opportunity and a solution to feed not only three million citizens of Mongolia, but also seven billion people in the world.

In 2006, two Australian scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering Helicobacter pylori. They proved that 80 percent of stomach tumors and 90 percent of small intestine tumors are caused by Helicobacter pylori. However, our forefathers knew this disease in advance and even came up with preventive methods. Everyone should maintain personal hygiene and have their own cups. Isn’t the cause of this disease caused by dirty hands, poor quality food, and lack of personal hygiene?

For example, concussion. There is no technique to diagnose and treat concussion anywhere except in Mongolia. When Mongolian doctors studied in Tibet in 1993-1994, they noticed that Tibetan doctors had no concept of concussion treatment. It was only treated with Mongolian traditional medicine. So, treatment of concussion is a native method and brand of Mongolians. This method should be well developed and taught well in training. 

How much experience of branding using traditional Mongolian Medicine is there in different countries?

The most basic example: the capital spent on traditional medicine in the United States is about 5.6 billion US dollars. In the United States, there is no concept of traditional authentic medicine other than the variety of native American practices to be studied further carefully and with dilligence by scholars . But this big power realizes that traditional medicine care is important for its population and invests a lot of money in it after studying traditional medicine in other countries.   

Also, Norway has adopted traditional Chinese medicine as its own traditional medicine through a government project.  

Among the countries that profit from traditional medicine are Japan and South Korea, which earn 120 billion dollars a year from this industry. China’s traditional medicine trade reached $48 billion. Assuming an average growth rate of 30 percent, in 2025, traditional Chinese medicine will earn 130 billion dollars on the global market.

Project Alpa Ost EU invites European and American doctors and hospitals to close scientific-practical and program cooperation in the fields of traditional Oriental Medicine, as well as the development and formalization of associated and recognized practices and methods of treatment in the Western Hemisphere. We are waiting for your letters, questions and suggestions. We will be glad to close cooperation and interaction with medical institutions.



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