In doing business if you can create partners or alliances, which is a suitable collaboration with the brand in the form of Brand Partnership. It will be good for your brand and business in the long run. Because it is a strategic collaboration where the two companies are mutually beneficial. It may come out in the form of joint production, promotion through joint campaign, organization of an event together and many other forms. The advantages of creating a Brand Partnership will help to promote recognition and also create a positive image as well. Let’s see how many types of Brand Partnerships there are so that you can try to apply them to your business plans in the future.

1. Brand Partnership through Content Marketing

Everyone already knows that doing Content Marketing can help build your brand to become known in the market quickly. This means that two businesses cooperate and support each other. To create content together and share it on various platforms, be it social media, websites, blogs or other digital channels.

2. Brand Partnership through the form of Sponsorship Marketing

Brand Partnership in this form is where a brand supports another brand in organizing events or campaigns such as virtual run events, seminars, or even product launches. We will see the support as a co-organizer. Or monetary sponsorship only and get the name and logo of the brand in various media.

3. Brand Partnership through Affiliate Marketing

The model of doing Affiliate Marketing is where brands create partnerships or sponsors with anyone who promotes brand products through various channels. On the other hand, creating a partner in this way earns a share of revenue or commission. Depending on the agreement with the brand, this form of partnership has become quite popular nowadays. That will help brands reach their target groups more effectively.

4. Brand Partnership through Charity

Another form of Brand Partnership is cooperation in supporting charitable activities. By setting up a special team to be responsible for various activities and publicizing information about charitable activities. Through both social media networks and other channels to encourage interested people to come and donate or do charitable activities together.

5. Brand Partnership through Co-Branding

Co-Branding is when 2 or more brands come together to create something new together. Mostly, we see the nature of launching new products that combine the good points of each brand. This form of partnership is one of the most common forms we often see.

6. Brand Partnership through joint distribution model

This Brand Partnership model means that two brands form a team together in order to distribute products to customer groups, which makes it possible to reach more common target groups and increase the opportunity to create Brand Loyalty, which may be created for both brands.

7. Brand Partnership through licensing model

Licensing is when one brand allows another brand to use its name or logo on its products or services. where we tend to see this pattern on a regular basis, for example Brands allow their logos to be placed on clothing and footwear. including various types of sports equipment Exchange with royalties in various ways. (For example, Nike, Adidas).

8. Brand Partnership through the form of Product Placement

The form of Product Placement we have seen since the early days of marketing. and are still seen today. Brands buy time slots to put products on game shows or maybe in certain scenes of movies. This is possible for both product placement alone and content may be created to promote advertising as well.

9. Brand Partnership through referral form

Refer or Mention is one of the Brand Partnership forms where the brand encourages or encourages that customer to mention, suggest, recommend the brand to partners or other brands. By exchanging with commissions or rewards Brand Partnership in this form can help expand the customer base even more.

10. Brand Partnership through Joint Venture

in the form of joint venture between 2 brands in order to create new products or services that brings together the strengths of the brand It may look similar to Co-Branding, but the obvious difference is that Co-Branding is relatively short-term in terms of marketing, but if it is a Joint Venture, there will be a long-term contract. And the resources are shared strategically rather than the business itself.

We need to build relationships with partners and build business alliances. Especially thinking in a strategic way (Strategic Partnership) so that brands can expand their customer base and build strength from the power of Partners in various ways so that your brand can have good results in the long run.


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