Are you the organizer of a large mass event and are you worried about being accompanied by an interpreter competent in mass events?

Despite the excellent complexity of work compared to small groups of people and greater emotional stress for work for a specialist. who knows his profession very well, such events are a monthly and regular plan.

So, on the eve of the solemn event, you can safely ask for help with quality service. Most often, this is an oral consecutive interpretation. Therefore, the order of our interaction here will be as follows:

1. You apply in writing or orally describing the scope of work, the maximum known or approximate topic of the solemn event and we arrange a meeting with you.

2.During the preparation process, we agree with you on technical issues (transportation, working hours, specifics of participants’ performances, if necessary for a two- or three-day event – organizational and accomodation issues).

3.You receive full service for a delegation or a solemn event with the help of interpretation. If in the course of work there is a need to prepare working documents with translation, we can agree on the terms of supporting your documentation flow.

4.After the completion of all work related to the order, you will be issued an official invoice for payment of services depending on your place of stay: by regular mail or e-mail.

If further service is recommended from the point of view of maintaining trusted credentials in project work, we may continue to work with you on your core business as usual.

Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions regarding the service that requires an individual approach for your case.



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