Project Alpa-OSt EU offers programs for listeners who would like to effectively work on balancing business life and their own life goals. For many years, we have been preparing trainees on the basis of our own educational projects and partner training centers. We offer development programs for students in the following areas:

-overcoming a stressful environment against the background of a multitasking routine and crisis situations;

-the impact of professional life on personal life and methods of finding balance points;

-our career ambitions and self-realization;

-preparation for a career path in a foreign environment;

-worldview concepts of modern cultures of Asia, Africa and Oceania;

-practice, lifestyle and ethical field of distant civilizations of the East;

-psychological adaptive coaching in conditions of long-term stay abroad;

-female life coaching support for representatives of critical professions and backgrounds: flight attendants, doctors and medical personnel, lawyers and advocates, interpreters, professionals after experience in the military, civil service and diplomatic accreditation, musicians and actors with a high degree of load on the touring schedule, family members of celebrities, refugees families.

-quality of life and ecology of self-improvement;

-establishing communication in different spheres of life.

We work with group and individual listeners and accept applications from different parts of the world. To receive further consultations and a free presentation session in the direction you need, please send us a written request in a format convenient for you.



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