Regardless of where you come from, what your native language is, and how interesting you are to personally study, explore and perceive a foreign culture, living abroad often becomes a challenge and a solid investment of our time and resources to overcome the system barriers unfamiliar to us unfamiliar to us. us society.

We want to be and remain who we are in our native society. But can’t we always be heard and understood in another environment? Why? What opportunities, challenges and life lessons does the foreign language environment offer us? And how to pull out your own integration in the country of migrants exactly as you were formed during your conscious life? How to learn to be open to an unfamiliar environment and to gain normal and equal recognition of your characteristics without feeling like a “home-stranger” wall? This is discussed in our adaptation course, the 8-week course “Living and Working Abroad”.

The program is designed primarily for migrants in conditions of long-term temporary or emigrating stay in other countries during parallel completion of local integration programs. The course is designed for a wide age and professional range of listeners and can act as a secondary element as coaching support for emigrants.

Also, a significant volume of topics during coaching is devoted to the subject of the listener’s native culture, international experience, and the newest dimensions of life after moving to another country. We will also consider the topics of preserving one’s own cultural and worldview identity, which may be significantly different from the traditional and modern values of the host culture.

Please send applications for the free introductory coaching webinar to our email address. Please also write briefly about yourself and your main challenge today, whether it is related to public, professional or private life. We will contact you and help you build a personalized program of adaptation training and psychological support so that upon completion of the program you could be able to feel significant relief and a sense of life filled with a new life-giving and creative harmonious sense.



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