We invite listeners to our intensive, extended and free schedule online training in the modern Chinese language for conversational, business and professional orientation, taking into account the qualifications and field of main activity of all our students.

Our adaptive courses include full basic training in accordance with the requirements of higher education of Chinese universities, additional integrative conversational and thematic, linguistic and country studies and career guidance training requirements in the context of integration. Preparation is carried out on the basis of qualified author’s materials and according to the methodical development of Project Alpa Ost EU without the use of classic textbooks in the mode of course workshop electronic level advancement handouts work with students.

If you wish, you can choose business Chinese instead of basic training. Taking into account the specifics of the language style, this direction is recommended to be studied from scratch.

We also provide specialized language training in language support for the following professions:

-doctors and medical personnel;

-lawyers and specialists of the financial sector;

-flight attendants and pilots;

-professionals in the field of tourism;

-professionals of trading companies;

-models, artists, musicians and actors;

-professionals of the IT sector and technical specialties.

The first week of trial is FREE (no obligation on the part of listeners). Further education training is provided on paid basis. The calculation is carried out by prepayment before passing cyclic blocks of 8 classes, which is approximately equal to the normal monthly rate at the rate of 2 classes per week (3 hours). Taking into account the personal circumstances of the listener, the pace can be more intense.

Our prices for private lessons – all languages:
Price per teaching unit (UE) of 90 minutes

The more hours you book, the cheaper it is!
8 teaching units: €24 per UE
16 teaching units: 22 € per UE
40 teaching units: 20 € per UE
64 teaching units: 19 € per UE

Save smart! Learn in a private course with up to three friends, colleagues or relatives and share the course fees.

Our group prices for courses :
Price per lesson (UE) of 90 minutes (2-3 people):

8 teaching units: €34 per UE
16 teaching units: €32 per UE
40 teaching units: 30 € per UE
80 teaching units: 29 € per UE

Price per lesson (UE) of 90 minutes (5-12 people):

8 teaching units: €44 per UE
16 teaching units: €42 per UE
40 teaching units: 40 € per UE
80 teaching units: 39 € per UE

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