The Path of a Dragon Year!

The New Year of 2024 has finally arrived. We would all like to know with anticipation what this year of the Dragon promises us. On Behalf of Project Alpa-Ost EU, the directions of our development will be especially related to the development of trade, business and cultural relations with China. The journey we will undertake […]

Welcome to Bitcodevs Digital Services

Bitcodevs Digital primary markets of focus include Europe and the United States, where we have successfully provide cutting-edge solutions and services to clients across various industries. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has established us as a trusted partner in these sectors. Types of solutions: Technical expertise Our expertise spans a spectrum of web […]

Programs in Business Process Management

After identifying key processes, an important thing that needs to be done is to describe the process. When people face many process problems, they often talk more about how to simplify, optimize, automate the process, etc., but rarely start with process description. Think about the problem in its own way. In fact, many common processes […]

No More Stress Over Your Educated Career: Job Prospects for Business Major Graduates (Indonesian Case)

Where to go to work after studying business administration at a prestigious business school? This question is asked by many graduates of faculties, schools and courses from all over the world. Of course, you will need some time to integrate the acquired knowledge into practice and establish your own enterprise. Therefore, after completing business training, […]

How to choose a business structure when registering a business in Singapore? 

Singapore’s diverse business structure caters to the various needs of the business community. To register a business in Singapore, one should select a business structure before starting the registration process. The choice of business structure affects corporate taxation, business perception, scalability, documentation and paperwork requirements, limitations of liability, ability to borrow, and the scalability of the business. […]

17.10.2023 (CEST 16:30) Online Seminar ” Business Communication and Career Development”

We invite everyone who wishes to participate in an open online discussion of a narrow range of problems related to the ambiguous impact of our daily business communication in the organization on our career prospects. Participants will be able to share their experience and analyze their own situation in such important areas as: You can […]

8.10.2023 (CEST 18:00) Panel Discussion: Time Management and Time for Yourself

Bit by bit, the ocean is formed, and life is formed minute by minute. If everything can be done on time, one day can be used for three days.Time is the fairest, no matter who you are, it treats you equally. Cherishing time means cherishing life, and it will give different rewards to everyone’s efforts. Project […]

2.10.2023 (CEST 18:00) Forum on Leadership and Team Building

We invite you to our online forum dedicated to the topic of leadership and the principles of building effective teams in modern business life. We invite you to learn as active listeners and share your experience, or ask questions of interest to you in the following context: You can register for the forum by simply […]

Personal growth coaching (for individuals and minigroups)

Our personal growth coaching for corporate clients are made to order. Topics, duration, format of the event are selected individually. Send us a request, we will send you a detailed program and cost. If you are looking for training for yourself as an individual, then individual work with a coach is the best fit for you. This is […]

Welcome to “1001 Keys of Entrepreneural Life Coaching” Program

For all who know or feel that they are created for greater life results and brighter than yesterday’s experience. Project Alpa-Ost EU invites entrepreneurs and professionals from different countries of the world to a FREE associative program for the cultivation of entrepreneurial thinking. As a part of the formation of a business network for further […]

19.03.2023 Youth Water Action – Conservation of Coastal Ecosystem in SouthEast Asia (India, Kolkata)

We thank International Forestry Students’ Association joining the efforts of guests from India, Philippines, Peru, Indonesia and Ukraine to share the experience of preserving the coastal lines of oceans in Indo- and Asia Pacific conveying the voices of indegenious peoples and tribes into preservation efforts passed trhough generation to generation. IFSA’s virtual side event at […]

Google Future Workshop in Mindspace: Communicate successfully in Everyday Work

14.03.2023 , Munich Conversations are a central part of our everyday work. In this workshop we have learnt and shared the opinions what we can pay attention to in order to make conversations in the work context more effective. It was a great opportunity to communicate purposefully in negotiations, meetings and customer appointments. The training included the […]

Conference with Jörg Löhr (Germany) – the Coach, Speaker and Business Trainer among celebrities in Sport

As a part of the preparation of personality development programs at the invitation of Jörg Löhr Academy, Project Alpa Ost EU participated in a seminar “Three decisive factors for the next 365 days” , held live at Augsburg . The event was attended by more than 800 participants from different parts of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, […]

6.03.2023 Convergence of Political and Economic System of Vietnam (“The Diplomat”)

On March 6 (7 pm – Canada, US Standart time), by invitation of the editorial board of the famous world edition of “the Diplomat” magazine, the founder of the Project Alpa Ost EU took part in an international conference devoted to the problems of trade and economic interaction with Vietnam in modern conditions against the […]

How we can talk to each other

Dear friends, Lately I have been receiving more requests from you for personal conference time with you to meet in person and discuss something interesing together. Yes is always quite interesting to read somethig useful but now it is easily exciting to have an alive and bulding, refreshing conversation! All you will need is just […]



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