Doing business in countries other than or opposite to the Western economic and cultural continuum is often faced with the problem of setting, interpreting and conducting business communications and partnerships taking into account the cultural specifics of the strategic partner.

Such countries as China, India, the countries of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and a number of African countries have their own unique civilizational characteristics. Misunderstanding of these features, mentality, cultural structure, traditions, way of life and value scale can often strain the business environment, the reason for which is most often a common misunderstanding caused by not caring enough about the values of the partner’s business culture.

Project Alpa-Ost EU offers training programs for trainees on the basis of enterprises and as part of international departments, which cultivate this awareness, accelerate the activation and reversibility of cooperation, and help solve difficult situations in relationships.

Our mission is to support a healthy climate of international economic relations and a high culture of business diplomacy between partners from different continents.

We currently offer the following training programs for European companies:

1 Economic and business culture of the civilizational oikumen of the East, Africa and Oceania.

2 Specifics of etiquette and protocol between business process participants in countries.

3 Peculiarities of formal and informal business communication and hospitality in cultures unfamiliar to Europeans.

4 Business cultural awareness as a tool for solving small conflicts and obvious misunderstandings.

5 Delegations and acceptance of an invitation to the country of a partner from the Far East. Culture of conducting business visits. Interpretation and symbolism of expectations. Gift culture in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

To apply for course training in these areas, please send your inquiries to our main email address. If necessary, we can also prepare for you specialized 2-hour workshops according to the narrow-profile cultural specificity of your business.



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