The nature and genetics of our parents endows us with many talents that manifest themselves throughout our lives and at different periods. And we don’t have to worry at all that if we lack some magical paper or a certificate from a prestigious school, that it will make us look like ignorant people compared to other people. Not at all!

In most cases, on the threshold of changes in life or numerous stressors, we simply need to deepen the dialogue with ourselves in order to bring out a valuable harmonizing treasure for society from within our inner world.

Project Alpa-Ost offers a series of interesting coaching programs not only for personal development for adults, but also shares the secrets of relaxing oriental techniques and practices of relaxation, change management and harmonizing the heart and mind.

We invite you to private and group online, as well as on-site coaching in the nature and ecosystems of Germany in order to relax and harmonize your emotional state with the inner world. Contact us direcly now for more details.

Today, we offer the following areas of life coaching and holistic psychophysiological support:

  • The way to calm the heart
  • Human happiness in the world of living beings
  • From others to one’s own goals: psychology of entrepreneurship
  • Family and productivity: why it is so important to give birth and raise children;
  • Let’s get a recharge from the relationship with our life partner: about energy exchange, sex and shared living space.
  • To be yourself or a robot? A course on preserving one’s own identity.
  • Filling the vacuum of loneliness and fear of the future
  • Zen coaching for women;
  • Life coaching for people of high moral qualities: conversations with descendants of noble and famous families – countesses, duchesses, princesses: a second life for the sake of the world.


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