The Project Alpa-Ost especially supports areas of social development, such as the creation and replenishment of a family.

At our seminars and workshops, we consider various cases and life situations on the way to solving specific problems related to the relationship between men and women, issues of reproduction and birth planning, as well as methods of preventing age-related biological, clinical and social infertility.

We also pay great attention to the issues of positive changes in life through the achievement of harmony in relations between people and the surrounding world. When life acquires not only a purpose, but also the meaning of its continuation – it means that we have perfectly coped with our main task of coming to this world, inhabiting it together with other living beings and maintaining a healthy ecosystem homeostasis.

We conduct free group seminars for our international network, and we also help people and families who find themselves in difficult situations due to relationship problems, the absence of children in the family, and the challenges of preserving reproductive health and longevity.

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