Project Alpa-Ost EU constantly conducts practical seminars and workshops with the aim of increasing and cultivating the practical skills of its trainees and listeners.

Our workshops are divided into two groups:

Primary programs. These are serial mini-courses, the purpose of which is to cultivate a practical mindset and insight in a short period of time. They can be useful for everyone who feels a constant lack of time against the background of a rapid flow of daily tasks.

Open events. These are free programs for a wide audience within our global professional and business network. They are focused on strengthening associated ties and sharing important experience.

As part of the mission of our project, we offer a wide range of interesting discussions and a wide range of opportunities. In addition, participants of our events automatically become honorary members of our “Alpa-Ost” International Business Club, acting as key drivers of our commercial projects.

We invite you to constantly monitor our announcements on the site or in the circle of a trusted business network of public relations.



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