Are you and your team preparing for the exhibition season, public appearances on behalf of your brand and would like to introduce your projects to your audience as presentably as possible?

The service of translation of positional and presentation materials in support of international exhibition activities will not only ensure your perception by partners and customers, but will also help you understand the commercial offers that interest you on the basis of your business contacts.

We carry out continuous translation processing of a large number of materials, therefore we always work taking into account updated practice and modern realities of exhibition and presentation events. At the same time, the order fulfillment time is related to the volume of services ordered by you, as well as the format of submitting materials to the Chinese consumer.

To receive advice on your specific project, please write us an official request with a description of the task and terms, after appropriate processing we will offer you the most favorable offer. In case of impossibility of immediate processing of your project, we will certainly have a conversation with you regarding framework planned cooperation and include your project in our nearest calendar plan.

With faith in your success!
Project Alpa Ost EU



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