The modern civilizations of almost all the countries of the East at the same time show their traditional archetypicality, bright socio-political differences for Europeans and unprecedented scientific and technical progress and development of the financial sector during the last 50 years. This attracts the attention of practitioners, researchers and students in many fields who seek to devote a little more time to a deeper understanding of the path that civilization took in the key dimensions of its manifestation and impact on modern world processes.

Taking into account the prospects and needs of today, Project Alpa-Ost EU has prepared a series of lectures and seminars on the humanitarian areas of applied and interdisciplinary Oriental Studies, which are aimed at helping modern experts, entrepreneurs and analysts to regionally focus the directions of their work along the vector of work with countries such as China, India , countries of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Some of our programs also have a pan-regional descriptive character, which covers almost all parts of Asia and partly Africa. We invite departments of European universities, media publications and international cultural and educational centers to cooperate. We invite you to our regular and free online webinars as well as specialized lecture series.

We hope that our joint work eventually will bring many useful fruits against the background of enrichment and mutual penetration with understanding of distant and original authentic cultures.



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