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I am a Ukrainian a certified conference interpreter, oriental humanities researcher, business programs trainer and practical marketologist specializing in Indo-Pacific markets development.

My native city is Kyiv, Ukraine. Though I was born and live now in Weimar, Germany after having the round of my last projects in Kenya and India completed. For over 10 years I have been living, studying and operating projects in over 25 countries thoughout Asia, Africa and Europe supporting entreprises in various fields. For the most part of my career and ativities I have been specializing in a Chinese speaking region cooperation, which involves (PRC with HK, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and global Chinese communities around the world). Last 7 years after completing my MBA program in Medicine I dedicated to coordinating programs in Reproductive, Regenerative and Translational Medicine working with childless familes and patients in a variety of alternative medicine programs. I speak and work in Chinese supporting Western clients and partners with my professional and business services as well as bridging Asia to Europe in Ukrainian, English and German Languages.

It is my delight to present you my personal and associated programs in European Union spreading for closer contacts and integration with Ukraine. I am also thankful to Germany for hospitality to the project and invitation to share the new opportunities with the globe through it through the prescious coaching support in 2022-2023 here in Weimar. It is my high privilege to make a series of valuable connections for leading industries in Thuringia and Alpine region countries to srpread for further internationalisation of entreprises and association with the globe. Special thanks to my global business network and partnership circle to help me making this project real and valuable and actual for societies and their economies.

Let us move on with bridging your projects and ideas beyond the frontiers.

I will regularly update you with programs, news and various project opportunities in international cross-regional economic and cultural surrounding. Meet Alpa Ost EU here.

Will reach you out very soon on the way to our joint success,

Petro Rybalchenko (Ukraine)

Conference Interpreter, Business Trainer,

Indo-Pacific Markets Development Consultant

Member of Ukrainian Association of Sinologists

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