Project Alpa Ost EU (Germany) offers a wide range of highly specialized programs of consulting and development of international medical cooperation for doctors, medical institutions, professional collegial associations and health centers.

Today, we develop cooperative relations with doctors and consumers of medical services around the world. We offer a wide range of international medical tourism network development, scientific medical cooperation and educational programs in the field of traditional Chinese medicine in the West. If necessary, we carry out professional training of doctors in the Chinese language and facilitate their internship in modern Chinese medical institutions within the framework of public health preservation programs. We also offer business training for doctors and medical personnel with the aim of optimizing management, commercial results and solving difficult practical situations in a crisis period.

We are happy to help our clients, ordinary citizens of different countries, reach the desired level of providing high-quality medical services, provide accompanying coaching and psychological support throughout the entire treatment process in the world’s leading medical institutions.

Currently, we are cooperating in the field of reproductive medicine and wide-ranging gynecology with Ukraine, as well as regenerative medicine with China on well-known bases for the rehabilitation of normal physiology and extension of the organism’s longevity potential.

We consult in the following areas of development:

Service Launch Strategy

Pricing and gaining access to target markets

Brand Strategy Design & Testing

Corporate Intelligence of Healthcare Professionals

Programs for attracting profile patients

Strategy of international promotion of medical services

Product and Service Portfolio Management

Building international competitive strategies and international career mananegement

Managerial Performance and Services (for clinics and medical centers)



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Joining our loving hearts and efforts to stand in Ukraine we reach out childless females and family couples around the globe within our charity free coaching project – “Butterflies of Happiness” International Female Reproductive Coaching Center” , consulted by our partner reproductologist, gynecologist and female surgeon of the highest category, honorable Docent of Kyiv National Bogomolets Medical University and author of infertility treatment protocols and courses for young medical students Dr. Olena Mozghova (PhD-MD, ESHRE, UARM) with her network of doctors, medical centers and hospitals.

We provide afiliated healthcare consultations and female coaching programs


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